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Human Perspective: Tofu Cat Litter Australia

The First Enzyme Activated Cat Litter in the World

Tofu Cat Litter Australia is the first of its kind. Using our patented innovative technology, we were able to utilise the power of activated enzymes to achieve unparalleled odour control. Along with top-quality ingredients such as pea fibre, activated charcoal and baking soda, We are the best choice for you and your cat.

The Science Behind Our Product

  • Our kitty litter works by minimising and removing odours through a physical and chemical reaction. The physical reaction occurs between the substrate and the absorbent, but it is not enough to keep the unpleasant smell away as temperature changes could bring back the smell. The chemical reaction needs to happen to keep the smell away. Most kitty litters do not have the chemical process, whereas the baking soda in our litter reacts with the molecules that absorb the liquid, neutralising the foul odour.

  • Most brands have a floral or perfumed fragrance to cover the odour as it only creates a physical reaction. Our enzyme kitty litter has no scent added to deter cats with a keen sense of smell, and Tofu Cat Litter has no odour to cover up, as the enzymes remove ammonia and thus the odour.

  • Enzyme cat litter clumps in three seconds, changing its shape. It breaks down complex waste into smaller pieces which become food for bacteria as they break it down into carbon dioxide and water, thus effectively decomposing and eliminating the odour particles from forming again.

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