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The Best Odour Control Cat Litter

Pea fibre cat litter.png

Pea Fibre

The unique fibre of peas apertural structure can absorb odour and inhibit bacteria. It ferments is hardly and will not easily, natural plant aromas to the eliminating odour, and is lasting longer.

baking soda cat litter.png

Baking Soda

The baking soda powder can effectively neutralize uric acid, having strong moisture absorption. It can clump very easy and quick, soluble in water, and the urine shows weak alkalinity, effectively eliminating uric acid odour after the neutralisation of cat.

activated charcoal cat litter.png

Activated Charcoal

The activated charcoal is purely natural, porous and with a strong adsorption capacity. The best odour killer. The surface of the molecules attached to the microorganisms can be completely decomposed, ensuring the adsorption of harmful substances.

enzyme cat litter

Australia patent NO202104066.png

Activated Enzyme neutralise odours

Using patented technology, tofu cat litter contains activated enzymes to maximise deodorising effects. The enzyme breaks down complex waste particles into smaller pieces, which becomes food for bacteria, turning them into Carbon dioxide and water. The first enzyme activated cat litter in the world could be the strongest deodorising litter you will ever use!

The most convenient cat litter to clean

flushable cat litter

Flushable cat litter

Natural pea fibre expands quickly after contacting liquids. No fuss, easy cleaning and flush smoothly.

The best choice for your kitty 

best foot feeling cat litter

The best foot-feeling for cats

A litter thickness of 1.5mm offers a softer and safer feel for cats' paws, reduces tracking litter around the house. Additionally, it has a longer lifespan, meaning less frequent changes for cat owners.

Fragrance-free and dust-free 

Our cat litter is naturally and safely designed to control odor, completely free of fragrances. Moreover, it is entirely dust-free, ensuring the health and wellbeing of your cat's respiratory system.

The best performance equals value

400% water absorption cat litter

Our cat litter has a remarkable 400% water absorption rate.


Our 2.5kg package can last up to 3-4 weeks for a single cat household, while our 4kg package can last up to 5-6 weeks.


Our smaller packaging allows for easy carrying and storage.

The first enzyme activated cat litter in the world 02.png

Tips: Please fill the litter box with approximately 5cm of Tofu Cat Litter Australia to achieve the best effect for the deodorisation. This is the most economical, and easier to clean.

Tofu Cat Litter Australia

Get Happy Felines With Tofu Cat Litter Australia

As a loving cat person, you know that cats are fastidious creatures—especially when it comes to their eating habits and their litter. We have formulated our Tofu Cat Litter Australia brand to keep our fussy friends happy and healthy in the litter department.


Our tofu cat litter is a plant-based, environmentally friendly litter that is enzyme activated, making it super absorbent and an excellent neutraliser of odour. We have formulated this tofu litter with natural pea fibre, activated carbon,  baking soda and activated enzyme. It is the most convenient-to-clean tofu kitty litter available: you can literally flush it down the toilet.

What Makes It So Special?

Cat litter tofu formulation is eco-friendly as it is plant-based and contains fewer chemicals than most of the common cat litters that are available. Our convenient 2.5kg bag will ensure that you use it well before its best-by date for optimal results.

  • A cat has more than 200 million odour sensors in their nose, making their sense of smell 40 times greater than a human’s. For this reason, our litter is fragrance free. If your kitty’s litter has a heavy fragrance, it may become repulsive to your cat. Our feline friends are not at all fond of smells such as lavender and citrus. Our fragrance-free litter is easily accepted by cats.

  • Most cat litter products are soy-based, or paper or chemical based but pea fibre is an optimal and more dependable raw material that is less perishable with a stable pH value. The structure of the pea fibre is excellent at inhibiting bacteria and absorbing odour with a 400% liquid absorption rate.

  • The activated charcoal inside is super absorbent, and the baking soda neutralises the uric acids that cause bad smells. Enzymes have a helpful deodorant effect: their ammonia removal rate can reach up to 99% along with their antibacterial properties.

tofu cat litter Australia .png

Our tofu litter pieces are compact, measuring at 1.5mm each, making them more comfortable to step on for our cats. Cats prefer soft, small litter as bigger, harder litters can be painful on their paws, making it difficult for them to dig in.


Enzyme odour control is the best solution for harder-working cat litter products. The enzyme activity in our product will ensure the highest level of effectiveness possible in odour control.

Facts About Your Cat’s Meow and More

Did you know that meowing is a behaviour that cats developed exclusively to communicate with their humans? A few other interesting facts:

fact about cats meow and more
  • Similar to a fingerprint, a cat’s noseprint is unique.

  • Many cats are lactose intolerant, making milk less helpful for them than you might assume. Grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, and chives are all extremely harmful to cats.

  • We all know how cats love to groom. This process regulates your cat’s body temperature and stimulates blood flow to the skin, helping them to feel more relaxed.

  • A little warning that you should note: you are getting on your feline’s last nerve if their tail is wagging.

Happier Cats Ahead!

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