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“To inspire respect for and love of animals and our land through Australia's innovative drive towards excellence”

Our Story

Founded in 2017, our Queensland-based company has always had deep roots in Australia's profound respect for the environment and its diverse animal life.

Our journey began with a commitment to innovation in the pet care supply industry, working closely with partners across our continent.

Our dedication to research and development resulted in the creation of Tofu Cat Litter Australia, a product favored not only in major channels like Woolworths, Pet Circle, Petstock, and but also holding an Australian Innovative Patent for its unparallelled enzymatic odour control technology.

Our path reflects the essence of Australian values, continually pushing boundaries in animal care and sustainable practices.

Our Values

Our ethos prioritizes the environment, followed by animal welfare, and then human needs. This marks a conscious shift from the typical consumer-driven model, which often places human preferences first, sometimes to the detriment of animals and the environment.

We firmly believe that responsible product development must consider the environment and animal welfare. Our stance against using commonly found but harmful chemical fragrances, like lavender scented cat litter products, which can cause irritation to cats yet appealing to humans, reflects this belief.

Our commitment is rooted in the understanding that a true appreciation of our environment and animals is crucial. Only through this understanding can we genuinely respect and care for them, guiding our innovation and ensuring the quality of our products.

Our Mission

“To inspire respect for and love of animals and our land through Australia's innovative drive towards excellence”

Our mission, as Australia's leading plant-based cat litter brand, is to embody and spread Australia's profound love and respect for the environment and animals worldwide.

We are dedicated to building a better future anchored in respect, compassion, and the unique Australian spirit of ingenuity and innovation.

Every product we create is a testament to this mission, aimed at making a meaningful difference in the lives of pets, their owners, and the environment we all share.

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