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Enzyme Activated Cat Litter

Trust Enzyme Activated Cat Litter for Zero Odour

We are the manufacturers of the first-ever enzyme activated cat litter. Our zero-odour litter has taken the world by storm as the human race is waking up and moving towards more sustainable, natural products.

The Science Behind Our Product

If you don’t know much about kitty litter and how it activates and works to reduce odour and mask the smell, then you won’t understand what damage your brand could be doing to you, your cat’s health and the environment. Let’s explain what Tofu enzyme cat litter entails:

  • Our kitty litter works by minimising and removing odours through a physical and chemical reaction. The physical reaction occurs between the substrate and the absorbent, but it is not enough to keep the unpleasant smell away as temperature changes could bring back the smell. The chemical reaction needs to happen to keep the smell away. Most kitty litters do not have the chemical process, whereas the baking soda in our litter reacts with the molecules that absorb the liquid, neutralising the foul odour.

  • Most brands have a floral or perfumed fragrance to cover the odour as it only creates a physical reaction. Our enzyme kitty litter has no scent added to deter cats with a keen sense of smell, and Tofu Cat Litter has no odour to cover up, as the enzymes remove ammonia and thus the odour.

  • Enzyme cat litter clumps in three seconds, changing its shape. It breaks down complex waste into smaller pieces which become food for bacteria as they break it down into carbon dioxide and water, thus effectively decomposing and eliminating the odour particles from forming again.

enzyme cat litter

Human grade activated charcoal and baking soda are natural ingredients and combine to have a deodorising effect and no harmful toxic release to affect you or your feline’s respiratory system.

What You Can Expect From Our Enzyme Cat Litter

When you buy enzyme kitty litter, you expect some basics such as easy cleaning, odour covering and easy disposal. Here are some benefits of our Tofu kitty litter:

expect from enzyme cat litter
  • Easy to clean because our product only consists of pea powder, corn powder, baking soda, and activated charcoal. You can easily flush the litter down the toilet without any adverse effects on the environment, and it is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Its water absorption is above 400%. All-natural ingredients mean that we also advise using the 2.5kg litter bags within a month to prevent them from absorbing moisture and starting decomposition when stored incorrectly.

  • Our quadruple inspection process means that you will receive a quality product every time, tested by third parties, to ensure deodorising, clumping and a stable pH.

All our products are from natural ingredients 

About Tofu Cat Litter Australia

Support your cat’s health, environment, and country by buying the fastest-growing kitty litter enzyme brand. Contact us today to experience the difference our enzymes can make in your life.

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