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Eight Reasons Why Cats Are Dissatisfied With Cat Litter/Cat Litter Box.

Why is my cat urinating inappropraotely?

One of the most common cause of erratic urinating behaviour is underly health problem. Any medical condition that can cause pain during urination for your cat, such as Lower urinary tract symptoms, stones and infection, can cause the cat to refuse to use the litter box.

However, These are eight of the most common non-disease causes.


1.Whether the way to the cat litter box is unobstructed while It's not a noticeable issue for humans, it maybe a big problem for cats.

For examples:A door suddenly shut by the wind. A cat or dog lying in a corner on the road Noisy household appliances.

2.Whether the cat litter box in the right position If the cat litter box is in a noisy area, or if it is placed with food, cat bed, cat scratcher and other cat products, the cat will also refuse to use it.

TIPS:Cat owners need to put cat litter box in different rooms according to the situation of their cats. For elderly cats or cats with arthropathy, should choose a cat litter box with a side opening or a low entrance, and the thickness of cat litter should also be laid lower according to the actual situation. (More about apartment cat owner)

The cat litter box

3.Whether the design of cat litter box makes the cats feel safe to go to the toilet. Some cats like the cat litter box which is open-ended and some cats like concealed ones. If condition permits, it is recommended to provide different cat litter boxes for cats to choose from.

4.Whether the cat litter box is big enough. The cat litter box needs 1.5 times the length of the cat body. There needs to be a space above cats’ head whlitter box.

5.Whether the number of cat litter boxes is sufficient. The number of cat litter boxes should be greater than or equal to the number of cats + 1. If there is no guarantee for cat owners who shovel shit for cats at least twice a day, even if there is only one cat, it is recommended to prepare 2 cat litter boxes.

6.Whether the cat litter litter box is really clean and tasteless. Cats have two olfactory systems. Their sense of smell is 40 times greater than humans. In addition to cleaning the cat litter at least twice a day and cleaning the cat litter box once a week, it is also recommended to choose cat litter with strong ability of adsorption, deodorant and less fragrance. The cat litter with strong ability of clumping will also reduce the missing cat litter after cats finish their business, reduce the bad smell as well. (More about smells cat hate)

The Cat litter

7.Whether the thickness of cat litter is up to the standard The thickness of cat litter is at least 5cm. Because it will not stick to the bottom after clumping.

8.Whether the foot feeling of cat litter is really a cat's preference The preferences of each cat are different. Most cats prefer softer, smaller of cat litter. Put different cat litters into different cat litter boxes and then observe.

After reading the article, have you found the reasons why your cat dissatisfied with going to the toilet? If it is suspected that cats do not like the sense of feet of cat litter or your cat litter do not have strong ability of deodorising and clumping.

Lets try Tofu cat litter Australia

Tips: When using it, please put it on the bottom of litter box over 5cm, which is more economical, easier cleaning, and make the best effect for the deodorisation.



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