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The Best Cat Litter for Apartment/Townhouse Residential

After a busy day of work, you returning to your apartment, do you still need to clean up the cat litter as soon as possible ?

  • Are you troubled by the smells in the apartment you live in?

  • Have you complained about the inconvenient cleaning cat litter?

  • Do you find any inconvenience to carry large package of cat litter back to your apartment?

  • Are you troubled by overly strong fragrance from Cat litter?

So how to choose the most suitable cat litter for apartment cat owners?

1.Effective Odour Control

Pee smell can be a huge problem with having a cat in a small apartment. Cat Litters that minimize pee odour can make a huge difference in the way your apartment smells. Make sure you find a litter that work towards eliminating odour, rather than masking it with an overpowering scent of their own.( More about odour control)

2. Tidy and Clean

There is a difficulty in caring for a cat litter waste to throw. The Most types of litters is un flushable in market, that means every time you need carry a large bag of litter waste to downstairs to throw. This is very inconvenience.

Tips: baking soda to clean the carpet

Removing Tough cat Odours

If you have cats at home, then you know how intense their smell can become on the carpet even in your whole room. Fortunately, baking soda can help to remove the smell and leave the room smelling new and fresh again. All you will need to do is follow some simple steps.

  • Simply sprinkle a certain amount of baking soda on the floor/carpet that is often inhabited by your cat and allow it to sit for a few hours to overnight.

  • Then all you will need to do is vacuum the area up and it should smell fresh and new once again.

  • You can do this as often as you need to, depending on your situation. And the process is very easy.

3.Strong fragrance

Your cats don’t like strong fragrance. Most litters that claim to control cat pee odour effectively actually work on masking it with a strong, artificial fragrance. Instead of minimizing the pee smell, they overpower it with a “fresh” scent that ends up assaulting your senses even more than your cat’s pee.

This strong fragrance usually gets mixed up with the pee smell and produces an even worse odour that can take over your whole apartment. Fragranced litters can also be tough on your cat’s respiratory tract, not to mention the possibility that their strong smell can repel her from the litter box. There is most important thing behind this is artificial fragrance is harmful you and your cat’s health. (More about smells cat hate)

4.Best Value of money

We often fall into a misunderstanding that we can buy the largest packages at the best price, but ignore its life cycle. There are a lot of paper cat litter on the market, According to product review Australia, a large package of about 15L to 30L normally cost you more than $20 and last for only over one week. That means you spend more than $2 a day on cat litter. Same thing on Crystal cat litters, 6KG a bag cost you $22.And is only last 2-3weeks, you spend more than $1 a day on it. ( More about different litters)

Lets try Tofu cat litter Australia

Tips: When using it, please put it on the bottom of litter box over 5cm, which is more economical, easier cleaning, and make the best effect for the deodorisation.



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