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Why Do Cats Like Burying Their Poop And Tigers Don't?

Cat burying their poop. it's not just because cats are obsessed with cleanliness

The act of meticulously burying their waste stems from cats' long history of using urine and feces to mark their territory. Cat poop may all smell the same to us, but cats can tell their waste apart from another's thanks to unique chemical scent markers called pheromones, which are present in their urine and feces.

Smaller, weaker or more submissive wild cats bury their feces as a way of ensuring that dominant cats do not feel challenged.

In the wild, dominant cats including those of the Panthera genus, such as lions, tigers , leopards and jaguars that are competing for territory often do not bury their excrement as a way of signaling that they want to claim a particular area.

(Who Is The Boss of The House ? )

If you have multiple cats and one of them doesn't like to bury their poop, its a sign that he feels at the top of family and doesn't feel threatened. Congratulations!

He is the boss of the house!

( I am, you are fired! )

Why cat burying uneaten food?

Mask the scent spreading.

It may be that there is an uncomfortable smell in the food and cats instinctively want to bury it in the wild.

In order to protect themselves, cats will want to quickly mask some strong odors to avoid attracting predators to this area.

This is similar to the reason why cats bury their poop :)

(Tasty Durian)

But please don't wrong, something that smells bad is not the only one cats do this reaction.

Different cats have different likes and dislike for the smell of human food.

Resistance to a change in food

Maybe the cat doesn't like the taste of the new food, or the location of the bowl.

This situation sometimes occurs after giving the cat new food or changing the usual location of the food.

Loss of appetite due to illness

When cats lose their appetite due to some diseases, they also begin to bury their food.

If there is no change in the environment and diet, the cat suddenly begins this behavior, accompanied by reduced food intake, weight loss, and other symptoms, please go to the vet for further examination.

Why cat burying eaten food?

Food-hoarding behavior

Some people found that their cats ate well at first and suddenly began to bury something in the middle of eating.

In fact, this is may a suggestion that there is a little more food for cats.

For food that can't be eaten finished in one time. Some cats are likely to instinctively bury them in an attempt to hide them.

If this happens, you can appropriately reduce the amount of food given to the cat each time.

Animal behaviorists speculate that this may have something to do with the food storage behavior of cats, many cats living in the wild have food-hoarding behavior.

Tips: When using it, please put it on the bottom of litter box over 5cm, which is more economical, easier cleaning, and make the best effect for the deodorisation.



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