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The First Enzyme Activated Cat Litter in the World™

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Tofu Cat Litter Australia is the first of its kind.
Using patented innovative technology, our product harnesses activated enzymes' power to achieve unparallel odour control.
Made with top-quality ingredients such as pea fibre, activated charcoal and baking soda, 
We are simply the best choice for you and your cat.

The cat litter you and your kitty will love

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All natural 

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Made From
Top Quality
Pea FIbre

Complimentary Cat Scratcher In Every Whole Carton Purchase & Reusable Cat Blockx️ ™
Cat Castle
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​Australian Patent On Activated Enzyme Odour Elimination Technology

Tofu Cat Litter Australia

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The First Enzyme Activated Cat Litter in the World™

Our patented innovative technology provides unparalleled odour control by neturalising odour particles using activated enzyme.

(Australian Patent No.2021104066)

Sourcing only the best raw materials

Our litter is made with love using the best quality pea fibre, activated charcoal and baking soda.

Your kitty will love how it feels on their paws

Finer particles measured at 1.5mm diameter, your kitty will love how it feels on their paws.

Convenient cleaning for owners

Flushable cat litter makes it easy to clean. 

The best value of cat litter

Exceeding 400% water absorption in its dry weight.

The 2.5kg package can be used for 3weeks, less than $1 a day.

Tips:Fill your cat’s litter box up to 5cm deep with our product for the best deodorising effects. This is also the most economical and makes it easier to clean.

Cat Blockx ™ User Manual

Cat Blockx is our multi-purpose packaging designed for reusability, giving your cat a recyclable, sustainable Cat Blockx to enjoy.

Also included in every box is a 100% recyclable cat scratching pad.

Where to buy?

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Nature And Biodegradable.


​​For Quick And Convenient Cleaning.

4 x Times

Absorbs Up To Four times its Dry Weight In Fluid.


Dust Free To Prevent Messy Environment.


Resealable Pack Ensure Long Term Freshness.


Finer Particles Make Cat Paw More Comfortable And Harmless.


Quick Clumping And Easy To Scoop.

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Using only the best ingredients
Most innovative production methods

  • Only using best quality raw material with stable supply sources.

  • Pure natural food grade raw materials that qualify the EU animal

       feed requirements.

  • Quadruple testing to ensure product quality.

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