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Tofu Cat Litter Australia is made for you.

To all the kitties in the world,

our litter was developed and made with love for each and everyone of you.

Using the highest quality natural pea fibre,

our litter is the best litter for you to do your business on.

With our patented enzyme activated technology,

our litter breakdown odour particles instead of masking them with chemicals.

Much better for your sensitive nose.

Your humans will be happy with the smell gone!

Our litter is flushable, fast clumping and absorbs up to 4x times its dry weight in liquid.

They will also be happy to know that our litter is biodegradable,

environmentally friendly and dust-free.

1.5mm finer particles feel so good to step on for your little paws,

just don't think of it as a bed for snoozing!

Now available in over 850 Woolworths supermarkets nation-wide,

just remind your humans to add it to their grocery list.

So what are you waiting for?

Go tell your humans about Tofu Cat Litter Australia today!

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Tofu Cat Litter Australia Woolworths Online Store

Tofu Cat Litter Australia YouTube channel

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