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Odour Control Cat Litter

Introducing our Odour Control Cat Litter

If you're a cat owner, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. One thing that can greatly affect their well-being is their sense of smell, which is over 40 times stronger than ours. That's why it's crucial to choose a cat litter that doesn't emit any noxious or toxic odours.

Our odour control cat litter is specially designed to benefit everyone involved - your cat, your house, you, and the environment. We've taken into account your safety, your cat's preferences, and the need for eco-friendliness, and have created the world's first enzyme-activated cat litter.

What Exactly Is Enzyme-Activated Cat Litter?

Our Tofu cat litter uses both physical and chemical processes to effectively control odours. The physical process obscures the odour, but a temperature change could reactivate it. Meanwhile, the natural plant-based fiber and activated charcoal create desorption, meaning the odour molecules separate from the litter. However, to keep the odour at bay, a chemical reaction is needed. The pea fibre in the litter absorb liquid, and baking soda activates to neutralize the odour particles that cause the pungent smell. Our cat litter is the world's first enzyme-activated litter, which means that it effectively repels germs, absorbs ammonia, and controls odour. And don't worry - our chemical reaction is natural and non-toxic.

  • When enzymes activate, they have the best ammonia absorption rate, repel germs and thus control the odour. The chemical process is a natural process and won’t lead to any toxicity being released to cause harm to your feline’s respiratory system.

  • For your safety, we only offer our litter in smaller bags. Because it is a natural product, we recommend against storing large bags in your home, as it can degrade over time. To ensure optimal performance, we suggest using the litter within one month of purchase and keeping it away from dogs who may try to consume the natural matter or any degraded material due to unfavorable storage conditions.

  • The main raw ingredient in any no-smell kitty litter is soybean. We only use pea powder, which is more soluble and has double the absorption rate of soybean, leading to better deodorisation.

  • As an additional benefit to you, our no smell cat litter is easy to clean and condense. You can dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet without harmful effects on the environment, making it 100% natural and biodegradable.

Activated Charcoal cat litter

We know how picky cats can be, so we have designed our product firstly without fragrance that can put them off using their litter, and we use finer particles for better paw comfort. Kitty approval was obviously the most crucial step to consider, then environment and human approval.

Quality Kitty Litter Odour Control Product

Our locally developed and tested product means you can proudly support this natural product as a patriot and eco-friendly human and cat owner. Here is why what we give you is natural but does not compromise on quality:

quality kitty litter odour control.png
  • Our four-step inspection process starts with checking the quality of the raw materials, particularly the pea powder, to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Third-party agencies conduct rigorous tests to assess its water absorption, clumping rate, deodorizing capabilities, and other factors.

  • In addition to pre-sale testing in Australia, we also undergo a thorough plant product inspection by Australian customs to ensure the quality of our product.

We ensure that we bring you nothing but natural, odour free quality, safe for you and your pet.

About Tofu Cat Litter Australia

We share precisely what is in our product, so you know what you get is what we promise. Dry peas, dry corn, activated charcoal, and baking soda are simple combinations with optimum odour control, disposability, and absorption effect.


Contact us for the best quality kitty litter odour control.

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