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Natural Cat Litter

Choose Only the Best Natural Cat Litter for Your Furry Friend

Cat owners know the joy of owning a pet. It is wonderfully rewarding to share your life and home with a cat who is playful and enjoys being stroked and petted. Even if your cat excels at being a cat and does not always welcome your attention, you still adore them. You will do anything to ensure that they are well taken care of–you buy the best pet food, make sure that they have all their necessary shots, and take them to the vet when they are not feeling well. You also regularly clean out and change their litter box so that your cat is clean and comfortable.


If you are looking for the best-quality natural cat litter, look no further: Tofu Cat Litter Australia is a natural kitty litter that will please your cat and make your life easier and more pleasant, too. The primary ingredient in our superior product is natural pea fibre. This base material is more effective than soybean in the absorption of moisture and odour, and it is completely flushable, making your job as a cat owner easier.

Why Tofu Cat Litter Is Better for Your Cat

Our biodegradable cat litter has years of research, sophisticated technology, and hundreds of strictly controlled tests behind its production. Our eco-friendly cat litter has multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Tofu Cat Litter Australia is a biodegradable kitty litter with minimal additions of chemicals, and it is fragrance free. When manufacturers add fragrances to cat litter, it is invariably for the comfort of the humans in the vicinity. Cats have a heightened sense of smell and are known to prefer a litter box that is not perfumed. Our formulation quickly neutralises and absorbs odour so that no smell remains. That is what your beloved pet prefers, and it makes the environment pleasant for everyone nearby.

  • The individual granules are highly compact, measuring only 1.5 millimetres each. This small size makes them softer and more comfortable for your cat’s steps. Our charcoal cat litter has a higher absorption ratio and lasts longer, too.

  • Tofu Cat Litter Australia is the first enzyme-activated cat litter in the world. This unique feature allows for superior odour control. We have patented our special formulation, which is valid in over 150 countries.

The first enzyme activated cat litter in the world 02.png

Why Choose Our Formulation?

We formulate Tofu Cat Litter Australia with only the best ingredients:

pea fibre cat litter
  • Natural pea fibre has a unique apertural structure that makes it highly effective in absorbing odour. The natural plant aroma is long lasting and assists with odour elimination. Baking soda effectively neutralises uric acid and assists with moisture absorption. It also helps with easy and quick clumping and is water soluble.

  • The addition of activated enzymes helps break down solid waste particles into smaller pieces. Bacteria then feed on these particles, turning them into carbon dioxide and water. This process ensures that our cat litter is one of the best odour-eliminating formulations in the world.

  • The enzyme is the effective odour killer but charcoal is also important. It is naturally pure and porous with high absorption properties. The surfaces of the molecules attach to microorganisms and aid in decomposition.

Make The Switch Today

As a proudly Australian company, we take great pride in providing the best natural cat litter on the market. Our litter is tested under Australian Consumer Protection Laws, and we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. Our litter is easy to use and dispose of, so order now to experience the benefits for yourself and your beloved pet.

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