Flushable Cat Litter

Discover Pea Fibre-Based Flushable Cat Litter

Sustainability is a word that is well-known to us all. The three principles of sustainability are the economy, the society, and the environment–in easier terms, profit, people, and the planet. The goal of sustainability is to meet an individual’s needs without compromising the planet and environment for future generations—take what you need, not more. Small daily steps can make a big difference. Start with flushable cat litter that traps odour, absorbs moisture, and is made from 100% natural products.

How to Be an Eco Friendly Pet Parent

As far as teams go, the bond between humans and our fur friends is an unbreakable one. By combining forces with your favourite non-human, you can make the sustainability transition an easy one. We’ve compiled three ways to start:

  • Homemade treats are a special way to show that you care and even inspire a creative spell in the kitchen. For cat treats, sardine, tuna, and pumpkin are popular inclusions. The treat-making process also brings with it a stronger awareness of what your friend eats, which may lead to less waste.

  • Adopt, don’t shop has become a slogan, and for good reason. Adopting a pet helps reduce overpopulation.

  • Biodegradable litter is another step that you can take to help encourage sustainability as a cat owner. Fellow fur friend owners will be grateful for your sustainable litter recommendation, too.

how to be an eco friendly pet parent

What You Should Know About Flushable Kitty Litter

Traditional kitty litter is made of bentonite clay, a substance that clumps when moisture is present. It’s effective to absorb urine and may help absorb odours, but the materials inside rely on strip mining, a process that is not environmentally friendly and breaks down natural landscapes and habitats.

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  • Cat litter is flushable when it is made from all-natural products: pea fibre for its ability to absorb odour, baking soda to absorb moisture, activated charcoal to serve as an odour killer, and activated enzymes that break particles down into smaller pieces to serve as food for bacteria, turning them into carbon dioxide and water.

  • It is highly absorbent. While the current products on the market measure a 250% absorbency rate, Tofu Cat Litter Australia measures a staggering 400%. This percentage jump means that litter lasts longer and requires less waste and less expenditure.

  • Accidental consumption of pea fibre-based litter is not harmful to your fur friend, and cleaning is easier than ever with flushable litter.

About Tofu Cat Litter Australia

We are a team dedicated to the earth, sustainability, and cats–a dedication that we keep at the core of our business at all times. We produce the best sustainable kitty litter on the market, made from natural pea fibre so that you can unlock a product that is extremely absorbent, neutralises odours effectively, is biodegradable, and makes an excellent alternative to the other products on the market. It works with activated enzyme technology, of which we are the proud patent holders.


We are an Australian-owned company offering a revolutionary product with convenient ordering right on our website. Contact us now to add another layer of sustainability to your home.